What is this?

You’re all set: your favorite pen is in your hand, you have plenty of paper, and your attention is completely focused on what the speaker is saying…but hey, what’s happening? Instead of (furiously) writing down notes you’re only able to make those ridiculous drawings all over the page. Maybe the conference/meeting/phone call/anything else subject is not interesting enough? Or you feel like your presence is completely useless? Or you’re just dreaming about that vacation in the Caribbean Islands you’re going to book one of these days?

Whatever it is, your hand seems directly connected with the right hemisphere of your brain (the creative one) and, without any conscious intervention, continues to fill all the available space on the paper with small circles, squares, random lines and dots and every other kind of objects. In a few words, an unintentional masterpiece has just born.

Unintentional.org is the place to share your creations with the world, to prevent them to fall into oblivion and disappearance.

How to do it? Just follow the instructions.